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Learn about Neon: Visit To Flektro Studios

Located at Flektro Studios

An electrifying exploration of colorfully illuminated glass tubes, noble gases, and electrodes. Take a behind the scenes visit to Flektro Studios, where neon artist Michael Flechtner creates both 2D and 3D neon sculptures—some of which are animated, and some of which can be spun around to be viewed upside down or sideways for a completely different perspective. 

A member of the Museum of Neon Art's Board of Trustees and a mentor to aspiring neon artists, Michael will walk us through his private studio, which serves as both his workshop and a gallery of his finished pieces. We'll get a peek into his artistic process—from design to fabrication and electrification—including a captivating glass-bending demonstration!

Later Event: July 4
4th of July