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MorYork Gallery: Modern Cabinet of Curiosities

Located at the MorYork Gallery

Behind an unassuming facade of a nondescript building in Northeast Los Angeles lies MorYork Gallery, a mind-blowing studio chock full of curios crafted from recycled materials. During a visit exclusively arranged for the Los Angeles Obscura Society, we'll enter a portal into another dimension—surrounded by furniture, sculptures, and literal cabinets of curiosities assembled by retired Disney Parks art director Clare Graham. Upon entering, you may wonder whether to focus on the individual objects or the installation of them in aggregate – but at MorYork, you derive whichever experience you desire. 

Sourced from flea markets, estate sales, and sometimes even the curb, the raw materials are anything but random. Be they puzzle pieces, pop tabs, buttons, doll heads, or swizzle sticks, they serve as the primary inspiration for the final works. Graham also has an affinity for Scrabble tiles, domino pieces, and paint-by-numbers – anything that can create a mosaic with a message. Each piece carries its own genetic code, and transmits a kind of vicarious memory of a life perhaps lived in a parallel universe.

Originally built as a Safeway grocery market and subsequently used as a roller rink and slot car venue, the building stood empty and derelict before MorYork Gallery took up occupancy in 1986. There is no sign beckoning visitors, and only those in-the-know manage to get inside while Graham is working. This will be a rare opportunity to hear the stories behind each of the objects from their creator, with additional time for self-guided exploration of the collection. We'll even get the chance to make our own contribution to one of his works-in-progress.


Earlier Event: June 26