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Blow Up

Located at LACMA

Cinematic poet Michelangelo Antonioni’s bold and freewheeling philosophical look at the rapidly shifting sexual and interpersonal climate of late 1960s America was revolutionary. For the 50th anniversary of his seminal work, Film Independent is pleased to present Blow-Up the way the maestro meant it to be seen—on a 35mm film print. In this stylish and stylized drama, he trained his gaze on the state of the world at the time by insinuating his camera in the 1966 fashion scene, where haute couture photographer Thomas (David Hemmings) practices his craft. Stepping outside his studio, he fires off shots of various people of on the streets of Swinging London, from a pair of lovers to a mysterious woman (Vanessa Redgrave) who tries to shoo him away. Rebuffed but seduced, Thomas keeps on her trail and follows her into the city’s Sargasso of cool where his fascination eventually leads into capturing a murder with his lens.

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