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Museum of Jurassic Technology

Located at the Museum of Technology

A place that has uneasily carried the sobriquet “Strangest Museum in America” since it was founded in the late ’80s, the Museum of Jurassic Technology is a living love letter to the concept of what museums were and what they still can be. A nondescript building tucked between an auto shop and an In-N-Out Burger on Venice Blvd., the place is at once a throwback, transporting you to a time when museums were places of dark wonder that more closely resembled curiosity cabinets, and something that feels so completely new. The words don’t exist yet to describe what exactly it is.

“People enjoy it for its funkiness and because it is weird and quirky and leave it at that,” explains Susan Crane, University or Arizona associate professor of modern European history and the editor of Museums and Memory. “Others go in and see how serious it is about museums and what a lovely riff it is on the idea of museums. But when I process this place, I tend to think of it as performance art, one that includes you and your response to it as part of the performance. It is a constantly-in-process work of art.”


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