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First Friday at the Natural History Museum

Located at the Natural History Museum

First Fridays 2016: Big Screen, Bigger Science

We may not remember high school science. Those lessons on photosynthesis? The circulatory system of frogs? Lost in the haze of youth. But what we know for sure is the Death Star is not a planet, DeLoreans are perfect for time travel, and bringing back dinosaurs is not such a great idea.

Movies have become more dependent upon science to tell their stories. But do they get it right? From Jurassic paleontology and space travel, to crypto insects and zombie-like pandemic killer viruses-- how much science is there in science fiction?

Join us for First Fridays this season at the intersection of science and fiction. Scientists will discuss the good, the bad and the ridiculous in film – and how Hollywood continues to inspire the next frontier of science exploration.

Each discussion forum will be moderated by Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times journalist, author and Emmy-winning television and radio host.