Lionel Smit

Lionel Smit is a South African contemporary artist. His portraits usually come in the form of canvas, sculptures, silkscreens, videos and public installations. 

Rosaline Shahnavaz

Rosaline Shahnavaz is a London photographer with the sweetest edge. Her love for florals, femininity and intimacy, resonates through her photographs.

Evelyn Sol

Evelyn Sol is a photographer from Argentina. Shooting mostly women and still life, hints of orange and red seem to be a consistent theme in her photography.

Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is a fashion photographer and artist from the UK. His incorporation of color and style depict the mystery behind women.

Leah Reena Goren

Leah Reena Goren is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2012, she's worked with Anthropologie, and Chronicle Books.

Laurie Bartley

Laurie Bartley is a photographer hailing from the UK and based in New York. Her work - both elegant and sophisticated - has landed her jobs with the likes of Bulgari, Covergirl, Dazed and Confused and more.

Abbey Lossing

Abbey Lossing is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY, and currently working as staff illustrator/animator at Vice News. 

Agathe Sorlet

Agathe Sorlet is an animator and illustrator from Paris. Represented by Tiphaine Illustration, she features women in their sexiest state.

Libby VanderPloeg

Libby VanderPloeg is an illustrator based in Brooklyn. She's inspired by things like storytelling, music and wildlife.