Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim is a photographer based out of Los Angeles. She works mainly on editorial and fashion projects. However, her "Freestyle Nappers" series is one to definitely check out.

Holly Silius

Holly Silius is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on hair and special effects makeup. Based out of London, England, she works on creating fun and original looks for campaigns, personal and editorial projects.

Bobby Doherty

Bobby Doherty is a quirky product and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Gray Malin

Gray Malin is a US-based photographer who shoots aerial bird’s eye views of beaches and landscapes around the world, in locations that include the United States, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, and South Africa.

Stephanie Gonot

Stephanie Gonot is a Los Angeles based photographer. She is represented by Redeye Reps.

Trey Wright

Trey Wright is based in Dallas TX. He shoots product, still life, and portrait. He often uses paper cutouts and bright colors.