Mason Poole

Mason Poole is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He’s widely known for his portraits of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Eric Chakeen

Eric Chakeen is a photographer based in New York. His body of work is a perfect mix of personal and commission work that aims to capture visceral moments.

David Hajoo Choi

Lucky for us, David Hajoo Choi is a photographer based in the greater Los Angeles area. His work, I would describe, as: simple, edgy and soft. 

Cody Bratt

Cody Bratt's photography goes beyond the moment and captures the story; as if each image is a "love letter to the world." He shoots on a combination of film, digital, and instant film to create a narrative that's intimate and familiar, but still beautifully strange.

Amy Lombard

Amy Lombard is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her bold color contrasts have landed her many clients and was recently recognized as one of PDN's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch for in 2016.

Pari Dukovic

Pari Dukovic is a photographer fascinated with historical paintings and sculptures. In 2006, he moved to New York to pursue photography; and the rest is history. 

Victoria Hely-Hutchinson

Victoria Hely-Hutchinson is this amazingly bubbly photographer from the UK, and based in New York. Head over to her site to watch her mini documentary on her grandma and catch a glimpse of her boarding school series. 

Peter Rodger

Peter Rodger is a British director and photographer. He's worked with the likes of various car and technology brands. Currently, he is writing an independent drama feature film with the producers of the film, "Whiplash".

Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen is a photographer currently based in Amsterdam. Her work ranges from fashion photography to fine art. She shows a beautiful range from throughout her portraits and various collections.

David Black

David Black, whose new book - Cerro Gordo - now sits in our library, is an American photographer known for his work with musicians. 

Sasha Samsonova

Sasha Samsonova is a young photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. At 17, she shot her first story for Harper's Baazar and quickly made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Now based in LA, she works closely with Kylie Jenner and major fashion publications. 

Thomas Whiteside

Thomas Whiteside is a photographer who feel in love with art and photography from a young age. He strive to give his work a timeless elegance. 

Magnus Unnar

Magnus Unnar is an NYC based photographer who shoots fashion, advertising, editorial, portraits, landscape... Basically, he's a jack of all traits.  

Anne Menke

Anne Menke is a Mexico based photographer originally from Germany. She shoots both film and digital photography. However, her style remains consistent among both mediums. 

Matthew G. Smith

Matthew G. Smith is a Los Angeles based photographer. He specializes in portraiture, fashion, lifestyle and action sports. He shoots both film and digital.

Parker Day

Parker Day is a Los Angeles based artist. Her work aims to explore identity and is fixated by portraits. As a child, her dad forbid her looking at the R-rated comics, becoming her inspiration.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a photographer from the PNW. He specializes in lifestyle, travel, portraits and food photography. He's proud of his roots and it often translates into his work. 

Chris Buck

Chris Buck is a photographer who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. His images are insightful making each subject feel unique and true to character. Chris is currently working on a new book called "Uneasy" that consists of portraits shot from 1986-2016. 

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith is a photographer originally from Chicago. At an early age, he developed a love for sports which lead to his desire to shoot sports photographs. There is a passion in each image, and his ability to capture the raw truth of his subjects is stunning. Marcus also shoots video, available to view on his website.