Eric Chakeen

Eric Chakeen is a photographer based in New York. His body of work is a perfect mix of personal and commission work that aims to capture visceral moments.

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas is a conceptual artist working primarily with themes that surround identity, history and pop culture.

Ben Zank

NY-based Ben Zank is sure to draw you in with his surreal photography and unusual sense of humor. He takes even the most simple compositions and gives them an unexpected twist, sometime up side down.

Ruth-Marion Baruch

Photographer Ruth-Marion Baruch captured some of the most iconic images from the 1967 Summer of Love movement, including her Essay on the Black Panthers with Pirckle Jones. She's also believed to have been the first woman in the US to receive a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. Go girl.

Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble is a director, photographer and muralist living in LA. Most importantly, and according to his mother-in-law, Jimmy has a mile wide smile. 


Tegan Ptasznyk - founder of Filmgarden - is a photographer and designer who, with Filmgarden, creates content and conceptual art. Based in Australia, Filmgarden offers a unique twist to regular items by combining color, simplicity and a sense of humor.

Bubi Canal

Bubi Canal is a visual artist whose work revolves around recurring themes of dreams, emotions and magic. With her photography, she captures portraits; with her video, she showcases stories and frames movement.

Louise Parker

Louise Parker is a model turned photographer. Based in LA, her work sometimes morphs photographs into collages, features a series of self portraits and gives an insider look into the fashion world.

Ron Haviv

Ron Haviv is a photojournalist who travels the world capturing real people and real emotions. Through his photography, he tells a wide variety of stories from malnutrition in Bangladesh to to war.


Vivescalle is a Colombian photographer who travels through Colombia capturing the culture and day to day lives amongst other objects he uses for his subjects when photographing.

Amy Lombard

Amy Lombard is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her bold color contrasts have landed her many clients and was recently recognized as one of PDN's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch for in 2016.

Nick and Chloé

Nick West and Chloé Claverie are a dynamic duo hailing from Dublin and Paris. While their early work focused on kids and the imagery of childhood tales, their recent work also incorporates motion and music videos. 

Lesley Edith

Lesley Edith is a British photographer who splits her time between New York, Los Angeles and London. Her empathy towards younger subjects allows her to connect well with them leading you to pictures that tell a story. 

Woody Gooch

Woody Gooch is a self-taught photographer who utilizes movement and negative space to communicate emotions. More of an artist than technician, his love for photography grew out of simple curiosity. 

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a photographer whose published over 80 of his own books, art directed festivals and a member of Magnum Photos. Originally a documentary photographer, he's made his way over into the advertising world and captures photos with quirk, bold colors and a lot of personality. 

Bill Phelps

Phelps' work is broad. Through portraiture, editorial, lifestyle, still life and motion he brings cinematic style to his work. Represented by Casey

Nico Therin

Nico Therin is a French photographer based in Santa Monica, California. He has a passion for submerging himself in the culture of his subjects and keeps of list of groups he'd like to interact and work with for his personal work. 

Sophie Ebrard

Sophie Ebrard is a London based photographer and director, born in the Alps. She likes experimenting with both nature and light; as well as, getting to know her subjects on a personal level. 

Matthew Shor

Matthew Shor, born in Dallas, Texas, and based in San Francisco, is a photographer who works in both film and digital. He also happens to be a lover a pastries and a good wine.