Tess Mayer

Tess Mayer is a photographer from Bovina Center and based in New York. Her work is influenced by sustainable agriculture and how the policing of food affects rural communities. 

Alex Tait

Alex Tait is inspired by all things strange. He's moved by bold colors and playful imagery. His style is ever-so fresh and versatile. 

Nico Therin

Nico Therin is a French photographer based in Santa Monica, California. He has a passion for submerging himself in the culture of his subjects and keeps of list of groups he'd like to interact and work with for his personal work. 

Randal Ford

Speaking of variety... We present to you: Randal Ford. He's an Austin based photographer who's obsessed with details and chasing a timeless aesthetic. 

Anne Menke

Anne Menke is a Mexico based photographer originally from Germany. She shoots both film and digital photography. However, her style remains consistent among both mediums. 

Milou Trouwborst

Milou Trouwborst is an illustrator and artist from the Netherlands. Her soft technique makes her work simple yet intricate, delicate yet memorable, and most of all: unique. 

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim is a photographer based out of Los Angeles. She works mainly on editorial and fashion projects. However, her "Freestyle Nappers" series is one to definitely check out.

Carlos Chavarria

Carlos Chavarria is a documentary  portrait, and editorial photographer from Madrid. He is very inspired by american culture and his influences come from the color movement of the 1970's. Carlos shoots mostly medium format film.