Morgan Blair

Artist Morgan Blair is a talented painter, illustrator, and muralist with a vibrant palette. She manages to repeat shapes and colors while still feeling abstract and wildly imaginative.

Brian Guido

Brian Guido is an LA-based photographer with a great sense of humor, and an equally talented and funny wife, Julia Stotz.

Petra Eriksson

Petra Eriksson is a Swedish designer, illustrator and artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She's inspired by bright colors, bold patterns and confetti. 

Antonia Basler

Antonia Basler is a still life photographer based in Portland. She creates such obscure visuals by using color and pattern to enhance the "everyday items" she features in her photographs. Antonia is drawn to the look and feel of poorly constructed objects, especially ones you can find at a local dollar store. 

Daniel Seung Lee

Daniel Seung Lee is a photographer based in New York. Daniel studied at Art Center College of Design, and has developed a style that is bright and tasteful. The selected images are part of his "still life" series. 

David Doran

David Doran is an illustrator based in the UK. His work can be seen in advertising, fine art, editorial, and publishing,