Vera van Wolferen

Vera van Wolferen is a Dutch artist who creates intricate scenes out of paper, cardboard and wood. She's inspired by her everyday surroundings and common household items.

Owen Gildersleeve

Owen Gildersleeve is an artist specializing in handcrafted illustration, set design and art direction. Based in London, he's able to make his pieces come to life anywhere in the world. Playing with light and shadow, he frequently combines multiple layers of paper-cutting with graphical forms and hand-rendered typography.

Makerie Studio

Makerie Studio is run by Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft. While Julie is based in New York and the Joyanne is based in London, these awesome women make it work, bringing everything from sets to editorials come to life.  They're inspired by rare prints and the beauty of details.

Zim & Zou

Zim & Zou - Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman - are a French duo who specialize in handcrafted installations made out of tangible materials like paper, wood, string, etc. They are based out of Nancy, France.

Austen Zombres

Austen Zombres is a collage artist based in San Francisco. His pieces are all made from trash found in San Francisco. He doesn't use paints or pens... just straight garbage ;)

Lydia Shirreff

Lydia Shirreff is a paper artist and set designer from London. Lydia builds her sculptures by molding, cutting, shaping, and carving bright colored papers to create real life objects.