Thirza Schaap

Dutch photographer Thirza Schaap has a knack for catching expressions, and creating a visual world around that moment through color and perspective.

Nick and Chloé

Nick West and Chloé Claverie are a dynamic duo hailing from Dublin and Paris. While their early work focused on kids and the imagery of childhood tales, their recent work also incorporates motion and music videos. 

Lesley Edith

Lesley Edith is a British photographer who splits her time between New York, Los Angeles and London. Her empathy towards younger subjects allows her to connect well with them leading you to pictures that tell a story. 

Amy Neunsinger

Amy Neunsinger is a rockstar when it comes to all things food and home. Her photography has been featured in three books - two of which have made their way onto the New York Times best seller's list - with her most recent being all about the home. 

Peter Rodger

Peter Rodger is a British director and photographer. He's worked with the likes of various car and technology brands. Currently, he is writing an independent drama feature film with the producers of the film, "Whiplash".