Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles based artist known for his playful characters and colorful style. 

Kelsey Dake

Kelsey Dake is an illustrator and animator based in Phoenix, AZ. Her strong color palettes and diverse range help bring her work to life. 

Chris Buzelli

Chris Buzelli is an illustrator based out of New York City. He currently teaches once a week at RISD and SVA, while showcasing his original oil paintings in many publications, galleries and books.

Sandy van Helden

Sandy van Helden is an Amsterdam based illustrator and designer. She aims to showcase bold colors and elegant curves into her designs, while finding the right balance between details and simplicity.


Fucci is a Finnish-Canadian artist and illustrator best known for his vibrant post-pop style and NSFW pieces.

Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in London. 

Juno Birch

Juno Birch is an illustrator based in the UK. In her book and through her work, Oestrogen Breakfast: Transgender Tales, she reflects upon her life growing up as a young boy and transitioning into a woman.

Sean Williams

Sean Williams - a.k.a - Sean From Texas - is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Texas and based in LA. Who, according to Format Magazine, is "well known for his dark illustrations and unconventional tattoo methods." 

Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator based in South East London. Her work is hand drawn using a mixture of watercolour, indian ink and isograph pen.

Caroline Tomlinson

Caroline Tomlinson is a fashion illustrator based between London and Cape Town. She's the happiest when she's around her sketchbook, her cameron and onto a new adventure. 

Leah Reena Goren

Leah Reena Goren is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2012, she's worked with Anthropologie, and Chronicle Books.

Abbey Lossing

Abbey Lossing is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY, and currently working as staff illustrator/animator at Vice News. 

Bijou Karman

Bijour Karman's work bring women to life through her fun, eccentric and colorful illustrations. Karman seeks most of her inspiration from fashion to strong women. Her bright colors, detailed patterns and beautifully imperfect women make her work very stylized and whimsical.

Robert Beatty

To some, he is the king of album covers, to others, he's a film score composer. Robert Beatty is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and specializes in psychedelic art.


Smithe is an illustrator and graffiti artist from Mexico. You can find his work displayed on anything from the side of a building to a poster.

Marina Esmeraldo

Marina Esmeraldo is an illustrator whose time is split between Barcelona and London. She works on bringing colorful images to music, fashion, various publications and different brands.

Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator based the San Francisco Bay Area. He's done everything from conceptual design and visual development for feature films and television; to creating commercial animation for clients. 

Ezgi Pamir

Ezgi Pamir is a stage and costumer designer slash freelance illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey. However, what caught our eye were her amazing embroidery portraits. 

Alex Trochut

Spanish artist, Alex Trochut, is an illustrator based out of New York. His pops of color add a fun element to his work. So much so, brands and musicians alike love him.