David Cook, aka Bonethrower, is an LA based illustrator with insanely detailed line work, and a thing for "cheeky hedonism."

Julian Glander

Julian Glander is an NYC-based 3D animator and illustrator who combines pastel hues with his clever sense of humor.

Jenny Kiker

Jenny Kiker, also know as @livingpattern, is an artist who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her plant portraits have earned her over 168k followers on Instagram. 

Edel Rodriguez

Edel Rodriguez  is an artist who is quickly catching fire right now for his politically charged illustrations.

Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles based artist known for his playful characters and colorful style. 

Chris Buzelli

Chris Buzelli is an illustrator based out of New York City. He currently teaches once a week at RISD and SVA, while showcasing his original oil paintings in many publications, galleries and books.

Sofia Hydman

Art Director by day, gif animator by night. New York based Sofia Hydman has a thing for drawing curvaceous women moving in ways sure to make you giggle.

Eric White

Eric White is a visual artist who's paintings are not to be confused with a photograph. From canvas, to album cover, his work is remarkably detailed and always with an interesting vantage point.

Noa Snir

Berlin-based Noa Snir is a self proclaimed "curious illustrator, color enthusiast, and bookworm." And her intricate drawings have beautiful details, often paired with a bold message.

Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in London. 

Petra Eriksson

Petra Eriksson is a Swedish designer, illustrator and artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She's inspired by bright colors, bold patterns and confetti. 

Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell is an illustrator from Austin, TX, now living in Paris. Her feminine style explores themes of romance and desire inspired by her own life.

Katie Scott

London-based illustrator Katie Scott has a unique style and love of nature. Her subtle color palette feels timeless and really showcases the detail of her drawings.

Victor Moscoso

You can't celebrate the 50 year anniversary of San Francisco's "Summer of Love" without recognizing artist Victor Moscoso. His psychedelic rock posters defined the visual aesthetic of this social movement, and decked Hippie dance halls throughout the 60's and 70's.

Jimmy Zombie

Jimmy Zombie is a UK based artist known for his bright colors and free flowing shapes, reminiscent of psychedelic posters from the 70's. His vivid drawings are full of hidden details revealed on second glance.

Agathe Sorlet

Agathe Sorlet is an animator and illustrator from Paris. Represented by Tiphaine Illustration, she features women in their sexiest state.

Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly is an illustrator and graphic design artist whose style aims to distort and reflect pop culture. His work, usually a mash-up of hand drawn and vectored elements, explores color and repetition. 

Gustaf von Arbin

Gustaf von Arbin is a Swedish artist who works in the multidisciplinary field of art direction, film and set design. His work has been exhibited in Stockholm, Berlin and New York.

Alex Tait

Alex Tait is inspired by all things strange. He's moved by bold colors and playful imagery. His style is ever-so fresh and versatile.