Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann is a German-based artist with an eccentric twist on fine art. Fun fact: in 1980 he destroyed most of his work and went into an early retirement, only to pick up where he left off 10 years later.

Danny Fox

Danny Fox is an artist who credits his success to Instagram. Through it, he's been able to communicate closely with his audience and allows him to share his large autobiographical paintings almost as soon as they're completed. 

Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts photo-real illustrations are sure to make you double-take, and appreciate her stroke of genius.

Nicole Furman

Nicole Furman is an artist and body painter based in Bogota, Colombia. Her work features a series of homages to disney, world renowned painters, femininity and more.

Jamie Kripke

Jamie Kripke took his first stab at photography when his mom handed him a Minolta SLR when he was 15. Inspired by William Eggleston, it's he who helped him understand that photographs are all arounds us, all the time. The rest is history.

Thomas van der Zaag

Thomas van der Zaag is a photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. Photography allows him to re-imagine the world in ways he usually wouldn't. Inspired by things he likes, his photography is often a fictionalized account of real things that happened. 

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a Fine Art photographer currently living in England. Her imagery is stunning and thoughtfully composed down to every minor detail. Batten's work often features unusual locations, creatively casted models, and touches on themes such as social issues, as well as semi-autobiographical elements of her childhood. 


Alvaro "Freegums" IIizarbe  is an illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Los Angeles. Freegums has a systematic and pattern approach to his artwork. Each creation is intricate and detail oriented.

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore is a documentary landscape, portrait, and still life photographer from New York. He is mostly known for his color work shot in the 70's. His photographs can make even the most mundane situations seem beautiful and appealing. 

Damien Maloney

Damien Maloney is a documentary portrait, and fine art photographer based in San Francisco. 

Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld is a fine art photographer from New York. He is known for his large format, color work that documents the unique culture of the United States.