Cully Wright

Cully Wright brings bold colors and intense flash to his photos. He's most comfortable shooting fashion editorial and values telling a convincing story through his photos. 

Bill Phelps

Phelps' work is broad. Through portraiture, editorial, lifestyle, still life and motion he brings cinematic style to his work. Represented by Casey

Thomas Whiteside

Thomas Whiteside is a photographer who feel in love with art and photography from a young age. He strive to give his work a timeless elegance. 

Magnus Unnar

Magnus Unnar is an NYC based photographer who shoots fashion, advertising, editorial, portraits, landscape... Basically, he's a jack of all traits.  

Paul Bellaart

Paul Bellaart  is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Europe. When photographing his subjects, Paul looks to real people, inspiring places and coincidental circumstances. 

Jack Waterlot

Jack Waterlot is a fashion photographer originally from Paris, and is currently based in New York City. Jack began capturing the beauty of people, places, and culture at a young age, while traveling the world with his artist parents. Jack photographs his models with a fresh, bold, and contemporary eye. 

Kayla Varley

Kayla Varley is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. Kayla's imagery is whimsical, youthful, and honest. Her subjects are often moving or engaging in their own moment rather than looking directly at the camera. 

Nicholas Maggio

Nicholas Maggio is an editorial photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His imagery has a cinematic approach and his use of natural lighting is stunning. Nick has worked with clients such as Adidas, Nike, Samsung, and Lexus and many more. There is an intimacy in his work that creates a deeper connection between the subject and the viewer. 

Steven Brahms

Steven Brahms is a photographer and director based in New York. Steven started his career as a photo editor at Bloomberg News, with a degree in photojournalism he was able to dive right into shooting on his own. Youth culture is a common theme in Steven's images, and his film stories tend to have a hint of humor. 

Monica May

Monica May is a Los Angeles based portrait and sports photographer. She creates a moody, and dreamy palette with each portrait. Monica is a graduate of Art Center College of Design. 

Brian Finke

Brian Finke is a photographer based in New York. Brian has the remarkable ability to take any subject and put his unique twist in it. Because of this talent, his work has not been limited to one specific genre. Brian has a way with his subjects that creates a compelling story upon first glance. 

Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone is a photographer who is currently bi-costal between Los Angeles and New York. Her love for traveling and story-telling make beautiful fashion editorials that are timeless. Olivia is now directing music videos and short films. 

Spencer Lowell

Spencer Lowell is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He developed a love for science and technology at an early age, and was extremely attracted to Robots and their importance in society. After attending Art Center College of Design, Lowell did a few projects for JPL in Pasadena. His images are conceptually brilliant, and intriguing with the right amount of "text book" vibe. Spencer sees the beauty in things we might not. 

David Cortes

David Cortes is a fashion and editorial photographer who is currently based in New York. David's most recent work has a lovely color palette filled with earth tones.

Alistair Taylor-Young

Alistair Taylor-Young is a photographer and director. His landscape work is extremely captivating, and his color palate carries over to his fashion work effortlessly, giving the imagery a airy and dreamlike quality. 

Heather Sten

Heather Sten is a fashion and portrait photographer from Los Angeles but is currently based in New York. She adds color and props into her imagery in such a unique way. Her subjects are still and stoic, yet in way you feel connected to their disconnect. 

Carlos Chavarria

Carlos Chavarria is a documentary  portrait, and editorial photographer from Madrid. He is very inspired by american culture and his influences come from the color movement of the 1970's. Carlos shoots mostly medium format film.


JUCO is a collaborative duo made up of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. JUCO focuses on fashion, editorial, and advertising. Their use of color and lighting is incredible! They are currently based in Los Angeles.