Curiot Tlalpazotl

Curiot Tlalpazotl is a painter and muralist from Mexico City. His imagery is largely rooted in Mexican culture and tradition, featuring geometiric lines, and tribal and mythical figures.

Olivia Locher

NY-based Olivia Locher is characterized by her sarcastic approach to photography, with a strong focus on color and concept. 

Judy Chicago

The one-and-only Judy Chicago is an American artist, educator, and writer who's built her career examining the role of women in culture. Never shy, and a true pioneer of feminist art.

Malika Favre

French artist Malika Favre uses her bold and minimalistic style to create beautifully complex illustrations.

Sofia Hydman

Art Director by day, gif animator by night. New York based Sofia Hydman has a thing for drawing curvaceous women moving in ways sure to make you giggle.

Noa Snir

Berlin-based Noa Snir is a self proclaimed "curious illustrator, color enthusiast, and bookworm." And her intricate drawings have beautiful details, often paired with a bold message.

Katie Scott

London-based illustrator Katie Scott has a unique style and love of nature. Her subtle color palette feels timeless and really showcases the detail of her drawings.

Stuart Davis

American painter Stuart Davis is an artistic mix of modernism, cubism, and a dash of pop. And he felt a responsibility to convey political and consumer culture, so made a point to never go too abstract.

Victor Moscoso

You can't celebrate the 50 year anniversary of San Francisco's "Summer of Love" without recognizing artist Victor Moscoso. His psychedelic rock posters defined the visual aesthetic of this social movement, and decked Hippie dance halls throughout the 60's and 70's.

Mitchell Feinberg

Mitchell Feinberg is a still life photographer with a huge range from accessories to anchovies, cars to cocktails. 

Jimmy Zombie

Jimmy Zombie is a UK based artist known for his bright colors and free flowing shapes, reminiscent of psychedelic posters from the 70's. His vivid drawings are full of hidden details revealed on second glance.

Bubi Canal

Bubi Canal is a visual artist whose work revolves around recurring themes of dreams, emotions and magic. With her photography, she captures portraits; with her video, she showcases stories and frames movement.

Amy Lombard

Amy Lombard is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her bold color contrasts have landed her many clients and was recently recognized as one of PDN's 30 new and emerging photographers to watch for in 2016.

Vanessa Mckeown

Vanessa Mckeown is a photographer and stylist of all things still and fun. Her bold style adds personality to her subjects as she mixes objects you usually wouldn't picture together. 

Inès Longevial

We thought you should see more from her; so, we're posting featuring her on our blog! Inès Longevial is a French painter based in Paris. Her paintings play with muted colors, silhouettes and contours. 

Gabriella Sanchez

Gabriella Sanchez is a multidisciplinary artist based in LA. She's known for her quirky designs and pops of color. 

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Brecht Vandenbroucke is a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator. His comic, White Cube, explores how we experience and consume art. His art is a collection of what he thinks needs to be said.

Kindah Khalidy

Kindah Khalidy is a painter and textile designer based out of California. She specializes in making clothes, accessories and paintings. She has partnered with brands like: Anthropologie, Old Navy, Of A Kind, Linus Bikes, and more.  

Jessica Dance

Jessica Dance is a textile artist and prop stylist who specializes in handcrafted models and products. Her approach to making real world objects is colorful, playful and very animated.