Kelsey Dake

Kelsey Dake is an illustrator and animator based in Phoenix, AZ. Her strong color palettes and diverse range help bring her work to life. 

Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator based the San Francisco Bay Area. He's done everything from conceptual design and visual development for feature films and television; to creating commercial animation for clients. 

Jack Herzog

Jack Herzog is a freelance illustrator based out of Los Angeles, California. When he's not acting as a background artist on Bob's Burgers, he's reimagining a new universe and creating his own characters.

Matt Carignan

Matt Carignan is an illustrator, designer, and gif maker currently based in Oakland, California. His work is playful and vibrant, with a touch of dirty humor. His cartoon illustrations have a child-like innocence at first glance, but with a second look the underlying dark themes are revealed.