Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson is an iconic American photographer. Known for taking photographs of communities usually hostile to outsiders, his work is widely exhibited and one to take note of.

Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is an illustrator and tattoo artist based in London. 

Sean Williams

Sean Williams - a.k.a - Sean From Texas - is an illustrator and tattoo artist from Texas and based in LA. Who, according to Format Magazine, is "well known for his dark illustrations and unconventional tattoo methods." 

Samuel Bradley

Samuel Bradley is a photographer who splits his time between London and New York. As a student, he became more and more drawn to traditional analogue photographic techniques. So, whether he's shooting film or digital, you can see those techniques sprinkled into his work.

Mike O’Meally

Mike O'Meally is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Although known for his skateboard photography, he also shoots lifestyle, portraits and other sports.

Ruth-Marion Baruch

Photographer Ruth-Marion Baruch captured some of the most iconic images from the 1967 Summer of Love movement, including her Essay on the Black Panthers with Pirckle Jones. She's also believed to have been the first woman in the US to receive a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. Go girl.

Jenny van Sommers

Jenny van Sommers is an award winning still life photographer based in London. She regularly collaborates with set designer Rachel Thomas and her favorite artists include: George Condo, Kurt Schwitters and Sarah Lucas. 


Vivescalle is a Colombian photographer who travels through Colombia capturing the culture and day to day lives amongst other objects he uses for his subjects when photographing.

Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier is a name you might recognize. Best known for his portraits of Lady Di, Demarchelier's photographs capture often surprising and spontaneous moments. His works spans more than three decades and has helped defined fashion photography around the world.

Pari Dukovic

Pari Dukovic is a photographer fascinated with historical paintings and sculptures. In 2006, he moved to New York to pursue photography; and the rest is history. 

Matthew Shor

Matthew Shor, born in Dallas, Texas, and based in San Francisco, is a photographer who works in both film and digital. He also happens to be a lover a pastries and a good wine. 

David Black

David Black, whose new book - Cerro Gordo - now sits in our library, is an American photographer known for his work with musicians. 

Deth P. Sun

Deth P. Sun is an illustrator from Berkeley, CA. With his work, he aims to tell a story where dangerous journeys take place in rad landscapes. 

Dylan Sido

Dylan Sido is an LA based photographer. His grungy yet real style pulls together the skateboarding, fashion, art, travel, street and adventure cultures. 

Matthew G. Smith

Matthew G. Smith is a Los Angeles based photographer. He specializes in portraiture, fashion, lifestyle and action sports. He shoots both film and digital.

Bryan Liston

Bryan Liston is a photographer based out of Dallas. He captures photos of mostly women and is most comfortable working in black and white. 

Daniel Valencia

Daniel Valencia is a photographer based in San Francisco, California. His black and white photography aims to tells a genuine and authentic story. 

Mrzyk & Moriceau

Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau are two illustrators who make up the French pair Mrzyk & Moriceau. Their work is peculiar - in the best way. These erotic, dark, and slightly comic images mesh into a great blend of surrealism. 

Travys Owen

Travys Owen is a South African photographer and film director. His imagery is bold, poised, and truly stunning. Owen's portraits are still, and stark, leaving each image feeling like a painting. Often, his subjects take up most of the frame, creating beautiful tension between the shapes of the body and the edge of the image.