Mitchell Feinberg

Mitchell Feinberg is a still life photographer with a huge range from accessories to anchovies, cars to cocktails. 

Maria Maksak

Maria Maksak is a photographer whose entire website is in Russian. So, while we can't tell you much about her, we can tell you this girl knows a good crop when she sees one. Her tight shots bring out both beauty and intimacy. 

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is a British make-up artist and creative director of P&G beauty. Her creations have grazed the covers of countless magazines and lived on the most beautiful of women. If that wasn't enough, her new make-up line is out of this world.


If anyone knows how to work their angles, it's Ana-Iram. As part of the Walter Schuper family, she specializes in editorial, commercial and beauty advertising.

Brianne Wills

Brianne Wills is a fashion, portrait and beauty photographer based in New York.