Sarah Wilmer

Sarah Wilmer  is a Missouri native based in Brooklyn. With her photography, she aims to create meaningful and beautifully-immersed photos that tease a deeper story. 

Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison is a photographer based out of New York City. He tries to give his photos a documentary feel and specializes in events, small businesses, farms and restaurants. 

Tim McDonagh

Tim McDonagh is an illustrator living in the U.K. His way of illustrating is slightly unconventional; he uses indian ink and brush to create the drawing and its outlines. After this, he uses digital programs to input the color onto the drawing. 

Mrzyk & Moriceau

Petra Mrzyk and Jean-Francois Moriceau are two illustrators who make up the French pair Mrzyk & Moriceau. Their work is peculiar - in the best way. These erotic, dark, and slightly comic images mesh into a great blend of surrealism. 


DabsMyla are a husband and wife art team, currently living in Los Angeles. Their work is loosely based on their life, and clearly their life is super fun. They are not limited to a specific medium, and do everything from painting, to murals, to the sets for the MTV Movie Awards. 

Alex Gamsu Jenkins

Alex Gamsu Jenkins is an illustrator and cartoonist from London. His work is dark yet, humorous, and explores vivid color with a variation of drawing techniques. 

Fuad Hamdi

Fuad Hamdi is a painter and sculptor, born in Iraq in 1962. His style is loose and playful with use of bold color palettes.