Brecht Vandenbroucke

Brecht Vandenbroucke is a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator. His comic, White Cube, explores how we experience and consume art. His art is a collection of what he thinks needs to be said.

Kate Pugsley

Kate Pugsley is an painter, illustrator, and surface designer who lives in Chicago. Her work contains simple illustrations with mostly muted colors. The minimalistic qualities of the paintings and illustrations create a sense of tranquility in the viewer. 


DabsMyla are a husband and wife art team, currently living in Los Angeles. Their work is loosely based on their life, and clearly their life is super fun. They are not limited to a specific medium, and do everything from painting, to murals, to the sets for the MTV Movie Awards. 

Lydia Shirreff

Lydia Shirreff is a paper artist and set designer from London. Lydia builds her sculptures by molding, cutting, shaping, and carving bright colored papers to create real life objects. 

Daniel Seung Lee

Daniel Seung Lee is a photographer based in New York. Daniel studied at Art Center College of Design, and has developed a style that is bright and tasteful. The selected images are part of his "still life" series. 

Tom Van Schelvan

Tom Van Schelvan is a fashion, editorial, and sports photographer based in London. His work captures the purest forms of youth and freedom. His subjects evoke a sense of emotion that you can connect with almost instantly. Tom loves shooting with film and has recently developed a series of "moving pictures." 

Sasha Katz

Sasha Katz is a a gif artist from Moscow, Russia. Her work is bright, modern, and influenced by technology. The illustrations pull you into a new reality with their slow and subtle movements.

Ben Pogue

Ben Pogue is a photographer from Australia mostly known for his still life and product imagery. Pogue is a color and pattern genius who can make anything from a gum wrapper to a makeup case a work of art. His minimal concepts are contemporary, and clean in composition. 

Karol Banach

Karol Banach is an illustrator and graphic designer originally from Poland. His process is experimental and playful, filled with color and shape. Karol's characters are abstract and almost have their own personalities that pop off the page. 

Will DeLeon

Will DeLeon is a product photographer based in Los Angeles. Will received his photography education from Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, CA. He uses a brilliant color palette, and has impeccable lighting skills. 

Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone is a photographer who is currently bi-costal between Los Angeles and New York. Her love for traveling and story-telling make beautiful fashion editorials that are timeless. Olivia is now directing music videos and short films. 

David Cortes

David Cortes is a fashion and editorial photographer who is currently based in New York. David's most recent work has a lovely color palette filled with earth tones.

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator and designer currently based in Brooklyn. Her work has a charming yet subtle darkness to it, and is humorous in it's own way. Kaye is also a jewelry designer and runs a magazine called Horizontal Press.

Alex Prager

Alex Prager is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Ca. She is known for her eerie cinematic feel with content that feels like a mix of Americana, classic film, and fashion.

Fuad Hamdi

Fuad Hamdi is a painter and sculptor, born in Iraq in 1962. His style is loose and playful with use of bold color palettes.