Sarah Wilmer

Sarah Wilmer  is a Missouri native based in Brooklyn. With her photography, she aims to create meaningful and beautifully-immersed photos that tease a deeper story. 

Maud Fernhout

Maud Fernhout is a photographer based out of the Netherlands. She loves to express human emotion through her photos. Her project "What Real Women Laugh Like - What Real Men Cry Like" is a perfect example of her ability to portray humanity through an image. 

Neil DaCosta

Neil DaCosta is a photographer based in Portland, OR. His photographs tell a story of youth and odd experiences or interactions. Neil is currently developing a body of film work, and has recently started a "drone selfie" project. 

Alistair Matthews

Alistair Matthews is a fine art photographer based in New York.

Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Joseph Szabo

Joseph Szabo is a teacher, photographer, and author. He has been photographing his teen-age students for the past twenty-five years.

Jamie Hawkesworth

Jamie Hawkesworth is a fine art, portrait, and documentary photographer. He is based in London.

Jack Webb

Jack Webb is a photographer and filmmaker from London. He is now based in New York.

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt was an American photographer. She was particularly noted for "street photography" around New York City, and has been called "the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time."

Amanda Marsalis

Amanda Marsalis is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. She is based in Los Angeles.

Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber is an American fashion photographer and occasional filmmaker. He is most widely known for his ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Abbey Drucker

Abbey Drucker is a portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer based in New York. She is represented by Jennifer Hutz Inc.

Mike Piscitelli

Mike Piscitelli is a photographer and director based in Venice, CA. He is represented by Vaughan Hannigan

Maxine Helfman

Maxine Helfman is a fine art portrait and still life photographer. She is represented by John Kennedy & Represents.