Maud Fernhout

Maud Fernhout is a photographer based out of the Netherlands. She loves to express human emotion through her photos. Her project "What Real Women Laugh Like - What Real Men Cry Like" is a perfect example of her ability to portray humanity through an image. 

Maarten Boswijk

Maarten Boswijk is a documentary, landscape, and portrait photographer from The Netherlands. His work is quiet and still, his subjects are isolated in time and there is almost a dark eerie feeling within each image. Maarten keeps a desaturated palette as he explores the relationship between people and place. 

Brian Finke

Brian Finke is a photographer based in New York. Brian has the remarkable ability to take any subject and put his unique twist in it. Because of this talent, his work has not been limited to one specific genre. Brian has a way with his subjects that creates a compelling story upon first glance. 

Spencer Lowell

Spencer Lowell is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He developed a love for science and technology at an early age, and was extremely attracted to Robots and their importance in society. After attending Art Center College of Design, Lowell did a few projects for JPL in Pasadena. His images are conceptually brilliant, and intriguing with the right amount of "text book" vibe. Spencer sees the beauty in things we might not. 

Marc McAndrews

Marc McAndrews is a documentary and portrait photographer based in New York. He has been shooting American culture, people, places, and things since he was 5 years old.

Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar

Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar is a Paris-born, Iranian multimedia artist. Use of Collage, color and geometric design.

Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian visual artist who lives in New York City. She is known primarily for her work in film, video and photography. Her work addresses the social, political and psychological dimensions of women's experience in contemporary Islamic societies.