Millee Tibbs

Millee Tibbs is a photographer who focuses on the ubiquity and the tension between photography's truth-value and its inherent manipulation of reality.

Matthew Turley

Matthew Turley is a photographer with a knack for textured landscapes. When not traveling, Turley lives out of his airstream, Stella. 

Jamie Kripke

Jamie Kripke took his first stab at photography when his mom handed him a Minolta SLR when he was 15. Inspired by William Eggleston, it's he who helped him understand that photographs are all arounds us, all the time. The rest is history.

Vincent Fournier

After receiving his diploma in sociology and visual arts, Vincent Fournier, went on to become a creative director turned photographer in the advertising and film industry. He's widely recognized for his founding project, Space Project, and his work has shown all of the world.

Alex Rank

Alex Rank is a photographer who never ceases to evolve. He likes exploring the limits of what's visually possible and strives to never remain stuck in a particular style.  

Bill Phelps

Phelps' work is broad. Through portraiture, editorial, lifestyle, still life and motion he brings cinematic style to his work. Represented by Casey

Ryan Shorosky

Ryan Shorosky is a photographer based in New York. His documentary voice tells a story of wandering soul. After college, he set out to become a "long-haul truck driver," and document the project in its entirety to create an experience for both himself and the viewer. Familiarity and estrangement are common themes for Shorosky, and how the two contrast with one another. 

Dylan Sido

Dylan Sido is an LA based photographer. His grungy yet real style pulls together the skateboarding, fashion, art, travel, street and adventure cultures. 

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a photographer from the PNW. He specializes in lifestyle, travel, portraits and food photography. He's proud of his roots and it often translates into his work. 

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim is a photographer based out of Los Angeles. She works mainly on editorial and fashion projects. However, her "Freestyle Nappers" series is one to definitely check out.

Fudo Jahic

Fudo Jahic is a photographer based out of Boise, Idaho. He mainly focuses on lifestyle, portrait and landscape photography. His lighting is very natural and soft. 

Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison is a photographer based out of New York City. He tries to give his photos a documentary feel and specializes in events, small businesses, farms and restaurants. 

Keith Hayes

Keith Hayes is a photographer based out of New York City. However, there's more to him that meets the eye; because, during the day he works as an art director at Little, Brown and Company, curating book covers.

Thomas van der Zaag

Thomas van der Zaag is a photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. Photography allows him to re-imagine the world in ways he usually wouldn't. Inspired by things he likes, his photography is often a fictionalized account of real things that happened. 

Laura Austin

Laura Austin is a Los Angeles based travel and lifestyle photographer. Laura's passion is story-telling through her adventures with natural beauty found both in people and places. Her imagery conveys a specific emotion that makes you want to be in the photograph or live vicariously through her eyes a she documents the world one trip at a time. 

Vava Ribeiro

Vava Ribeiro is a Brazilian photographer whose career began with surfing and painting in Rio de Janeiro. After moving to New York, he transitioned into a full-time photographer. His exposure to beach culture at an early age has heavily influenced his work over the years, especially his current imagery that highlights youth culture in beautiful and romantic way. 

Todd Hido

Todd Hido is a photographer and writer who takes lengthy road trips, on an endless search of imagery that connects with his own recollections. Hido is well known for photographing worn down buildings, or foreclosed homes, as well as the dwellings that live within suburbia. His narratives of both landscapes and the human form are powerful, dreamy, and cinematic. 

Cesar Ancelle Hansen

Cesar Ancelle Hansen is a French photographer who loves to snap images of anything concerning water or island life. The 36 year old enjoys shooting with all types of cameras. He captures the raw motion and lifestyle of ocean dwellers in his work. 

Todd Cole

Todd Cole is a photographer and director based in Los Angeles. With a focus on fashion, portraiture, and lifestyle, his imagery is whimsical and his subjects are portrayed in a real, honest way. Youth culture is a common theme in Todd's voice, and his photographs and films have been shown all around the world. 

Dustin Aksland

Dustin Aksland is a travel and portrait photographer based in New York. Dustin has a strong vision and a true connection to his subject matter, whether it be a landscape or a person, the emotional aspect is present. Using natural light and film are common efforts of Dustin, as he seeks to portray an honest experience of the subject or place he is photographing.