Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi is a New York based Photographer/Director whose talents including building his own highly conceptual sets.

Lionel Smit

Lionel Smit is a South African contemporary artist. His portraits usually come in the form of canvas, sculptures, silkscreens, videos and public installations. 

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Hans-Peter Feldmann is a German-based artist with an eccentric twist on fine art. Fun fact: in 1980 he destroyed most of his work and went into an early retirement, only to pick up where he left off 10 years later.

Ben Venom

Ben Venom is an artist based in San Francisco. His art - quilts with a heavy metal twist - have been featured in museums all over the world. 

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley is a New York based portrait painter. Most recently, he's been tapped by President Barack Obama to paint his official portrait for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

Stuart Davis

American painter Stuart Davis is an artistic mix of modernism, cubism, and a dash of pop. And he felt a responsibility to convey political and consumer culture, so made a point to never go too abstract.

Danny Fox

Danny Fox is an artist who credits his success to Instagram. Through it, he's been able to communicate closely with his audience and allows him to share his large autobiographical paintings almost as soon as they're completed. 

Anna Roberts

Anna Roberts photo-real illustrations are sure to make you double-take, and appreciate her stroke of genius.

Nicole Furman

Nicole Furman is an artist and body painter based in Bogota, Colombia. Her work features a series of homages to disney, world renowned painters, femininity and more.

Abbey Lossing

Abbey Lossing is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY, and currently working as staff illustrator/animator at Vice News. 

Vincent Fournier

After receiving his diploma in sociology and visual arts, Vincent Fournier, went on to become a creative director turned photographer in the advertising and film industry. He's widely recognized for his founding project, Space Project, and his work has shown all of the world.

Robert Beatty

To some, he is the king of album covers, to others, he's a film score composer. Robert Beatty is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and specializes in psychedelic art.

Jess Bonham

Jess Bonham is a London-based still life photographer who aims to create a mix of playfulness and elegance in her images. She likes to push the limits when it comes to texture and tries to always incorporate a bit of humor into her work. 

Bill Phelps

Phelps' work is broad. Through portraiture, editorial, lifestyle, still life and motion he brings cinematic style to his work. Represented by Casey

Ezgi Pamir

Ezgi Pamir is a stage and costumer designer slash freelance illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey. However, what caught our eye were her amazing embroidery portraits. 


Brosmind = Juan + Alejandro Mingarro. These rad siblings, from Huesca, Spain, spent their childhood drawing comics, building cars for their toys and making movies. Fast forward to now their style has evolved to showcase humor and fantasy. 

Deth P. Sun

Deth P. Sun is an illustrator from Berkeley, CA. With his work, he aims to tell a story where dangerous journeys take place in rad landscapes. 

Ryan Shorosky

Ryan Shorosky is a photographer based in New York. His documentary voice tells a story of wandering soul. After college, he set out to become a "long-haul truck driver," and document the project in its entirety to create an experience for both himself and the viewer. Familiarity and estrangement are common themes for Shorosky, and how the two contrast with one another.