Vanessa Mckeown

Vanessa Mckeown is a photographer and stylist of all things still and fun. Her bold style adds personality to her subjects as she mixes objects you usually wouldn't picture together. 

Pari Dukovic

Pari Dukovic is a photographer fascinated with historical paintings and sculptures. In 2006, he moved to New York to pursue photography; and the rest is history. 

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a photographer whose published over 80 of his own books, art directed festivals and a member of Magnum Photos. Originally a documentary photographer, he's made his way over into the advertising world and captures photos with quirk, bold colors and a lot of personality. 

Cully Wright

Cully Wright brings bold colors and intense flash to his photos. He's most comfortable shooting fashion editorial and values telling a convincing story through his photos. 

Amy Neunsinger

Amy Neunsinger is a rockstar when it comes to all things food and home. Her photography has been featured in three books - two of which have made their way onto the New York Times best seller's list - with her most recent being all about the home. 

Alex Tait

Alex Tait is inspired by all things strange. He's moved by bold colors and playful imagery. His style is ever-so fresh and versatile. 


If anyone knows how to work their angles, it's Ana-Iram. As part of the Walter Schuper family, she specializes in editorial, commercial and beauty advertising.


Magnus Voll Mathiassen is a Norwegian graphic designer who founded MVM in 2009. Represented by Hugo and Marie, he's been exhibited at Chamount International Poster Festival, Somerset House, and London’s contemporary art fair, Pick Me Up.

Bill Phelps

Phelps' work is broad. Through portraiture, editorial, lifestyle, still life and motion he brings cinematic style to his work. Represented by Casey

Tommy Perez

Tommy Perez is a designer and paper craft artist. 

Jason Hindley

Jason Hindley is a UK photographer based in London. His work ranges from still life to food to cars and beyond. 

Ben Rayner

Ben Rayner is a UK photographer based in New York.

Victoria Hely-Hutchinson

Victoria Hely-Hutchinson is this amazingly bubbly photographer from the UK, and based in New York. Head over to her site to watch her mini documentary on her grandma and catch a glimpse of her boarding school series. 

Peter Rodger

Peter Rodger is a British director and photographer. He's worked with the likes of various car and technology brands. Currently, he is writing an independent drama feature film with the producers of the film, "Whiplash".

Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen is a photographer currently based in Amsterdam. Her work ranges from fashion photography to fine art. She shows a beautiful range from throughout her portraits and various collections.

Zim & Zou

Zim & Zou - Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman - are a French duo who specialize in handcrafted installations made out of tangible materials like paper, wood, string, etc. They are based out of Nancy, France.

Nico Therin

Nico Therin is a French photographer based in Santa Monica, California. He has a passion for submerging himself in the culture of his subjects and keeps of list of groups he'd like to interact and work with for his personal work. 

Sophie Ebrard

Sophie Ebrard is a London based photographer and director, born in the Alps. She likes experimenting with both nature and light; as well as, getting to know her subjects on a personal level.