Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha is an American artist based in Los Angeles. A true inspiration, as Ruscha has been a prominent figure within the art world since the 60's. From painting and printmaking, to photography and film, he has provided us with years of bright, bold, statement pieces that have helped shape the pop art movement. Ruscha currently works out of his Culver City studio.

Thoka Maer

Thoka Maer is by far one of the coolest gif makers out there. She is currently living and working in Berlin, creating real and abstract illustrations that come to life effortlessly with the use of pencil or crayon. Thoka captures the little moments in life that are so small, they tend to go unnoticed. 


DabsMyla are a husband and wife art team, currently living in Los Angeles. Their work is loosely based on their life, and clearly their life is super fun. They are not limited to a specific medium, and do everything from painting, to murals, to the sets for the MTV Movie Awards. 


Alvaro "Freegums" IIizarbe  is an illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Los Angeles. Freegums has a systematic and pattern approach to his artwork. Each creation is intricate and detail oriented.

Karol Banach

Karol Banach is an illustrator and graphic designer originally from Poland. His process is experimental and playful, filled with color and shape. Karol's characters are abstract and almost have their own personalities that pop off the page. 

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator and designer currently based in Brooklyn. Her work has a charming yet subtle darkness to it, and is humorous in it's own way. Kaye is also a jewelry designer and runs a magazine called Horizontal Press.

Those People

"Those People" is a collaborative duo made up of painter Ben Sanders and photographer Josh Schaedel. The two have a studio located in Los Angeles where they produce mixed media arts for commercial clients. Those People have an eye for color and shape, as well as humor! 

Alex Katz

Alex Katz is a Russian painter born in New York. Katz studied painting at Cooper Union under Morris Kantor (also a Russian artist) in the early 1940's. He was heavily influenced by advertisements, billboards, and films of the 60's, which lead to his "dramatic crops" and large scale portrait paintings. 

Philip Dearest

Philip Dearest is an illustrator and zinester from Brisbane. His work portrays the darker side of his thoughts, disorders, and the depiction of depression.

James Jean

James Jean is an artist from Taiwan. His paintings and illustrations are eerie and dreamlike. 

Jody Barton

Jody Barton is illustrator and typographer from the UK. 

Funeral French

Richard "French" Sayer is an artist originally from the UK. His illustrations and graphics are used for punk and metal bands all over the world, as well as skateboard companies and advertisements.  

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a French graphic artist who is currently based in London.  He also practices photography and film, as well as installation art.

Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek is a German-born painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. He works in both advertising and fine art worldwide.

Fuad Hamdi

Fuad Hamdi is a painter and sculptor, born in Iraq in 1962. His style is loose and playful with use of bold color palettes.