Travis Stearns

Travis Stearns is a force to be reckoned with in the graphic and typeface design community, since he entered the ‘internet scene’ in 2006 & subsequently began working at You Work For Them, designing typefaces. Since then he has worked with Dwell, Nylon, Ghostly International and Wired, among others, and won the Print Magazine New Visual Artist award for his amazing work. Many of his fonts have strong roots in historical typefaces (calligraphic, handwriting & roman) but are unique and completely contemporary. Travis’s fonts have become somewhat prolific, spanning almost every inch of the internet and have made their way into major catalogs and publications.


Portfolio Review: Levine+Leavitt Today @ 4:30

Please join Levine + Leavitt for a Portfolio Show today at 4:30 in the kitchen of East.
They represent an amazing roster of photographers, designers, and illustrators.
Danny Clinch
Dimitri Daniloff
James Day
Peter Funch
Laziz Hamani
Nick Meek
Trujillo Paumer
Sacha Waldman
Markus Wendler
Marcel Christ
Adam Larson
Alex Trouchut
Graphic Therapy
Steven Wilson
Pomme Chan
Karlsson Wilker