David Cherihew

David Cherihew is a British commercial and fine art photographer specializing in portraiture and sports, who has often shot for Adidas, Nike, Umbro, Sony, Guinness, Sainsburys, BT Sport, Crest, Samsung, Sprite, Coca Cola, Speedo, Powerade, Sky, Redbull, The Royal Opera House, Honda, Swatch, Renault, IBM, Space NK, T Mobile and RBS.




Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith is an only child, remembers things from when he was 3, is a Hallmark Institute of Photography graduate, worked as advertising photographer, Gary Land's full time assistant and retoucher for 2 years, has a degree in Business Economics from the Univ. of Illinois, was born and raised in Chicago, loves Michael Jordan AND the Bulls, owns 48 pairs of gym shoes and keeps them all in their original boxes, has 2 middle names, knows the subtle difference between being smart and being intelligent, might talk you to death if given the right conversation to use as a weapon, has a midwest/southern accent, loves music and used to play the piano, thinks awkward situations are hilarious, and lastly, believes anything is possible because his momma told him so.



Daniel Blom

Hailing from northern Sweden, photographer Daniel Blom grew up with a camera in his hand, playing endlessly with his father ́s single-lens reflex camera before saving up money to buy his own at the age of fourteen. His other passion was snowboarding, which five years later would take him on a decade long journey across all of the continents in pursue of snow. As senior photographer for several international magazines and brands, Daniel ́s work has been published in 40-plus magazines and featured in numerous of ad campaigns. With assignments all over the map, he now takes a style forged at high altitudeinto into the realm of lifestyle, sports and landscape photography, yet still keeping one foot in knee deep powder snow.


Wanelle Fitch

Wanelle Fitch lives in Los Angeles and has been shooting sports for over 20 years. She shoots, directs, exhibits, and publishes commercial and fine art images globally, aligned with brands like Clippers Basketball, Ultimate MMA, Vogue Sydney, Nike Swimwear, Shape Magazine, and the LA Times. She has worked and owned studios in Sydney, New York, Los Angeles and Orange County. She has also published two coffe table books on interiors.


Michael Miller

Michael Miller, was born in 1964 in Los Angeles and grew up visually inspired by a mixture of the film industry, skate and surf scene. In Europe he began shooting some of the models he met through assisting. His first campaign was for Cacharel in Paris. While enjoying the creative opportunities and success he received early on, he decided to move back to Los Angeles where the music industry was thriving. Mike had a steady clientele of musicians from the legendary jazz musician Stan Getz to rap star Snoop Dogg. Advertising clients include Sony, Puma, Nike, MTV, Estee Lauder, Coca-Cola, Stussy and celebrities photographed include Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson to name a few. Mike still happily resides with his wife and two daughters in Los Angeles.  


Portfolio Review: Artmix Creative Today @ 4pm

Please join us with Artmix Creative for a Portfolio Show today at 4:00 in the kitchen of East. Artmix represents some great photographers like Cameron Krone, Michael Edwards, Robert Trachtenberg, Anthony Mandler, and whole lot more! There will be books to browse and refreshments to snack on.

Portfolio Review: Levine+Leavitt Today @ 4:30

Please join Levine + Leavitt for a Portfolio Show today at 4:30 in the kitchen of East.
They represent an amazing roster of photographers, designers, and illustrators.
Danny Clinch
Dimitri Daniloff
James Day
Peter Funch
Laziz Hamani
Nick Meek
Trujillo Paumer
Sacha Waldman
Markus Wendler
Marcel Christ
Adam Larson
Alex Trouchut
Graphic Therapy
Steven Wilson
Pomme Chan
Karlsson Wilker