Charlotte Rutherford

Charlotte Rutherford’s photography is fun, bright and tinged with humor and 1980s sass. Shooting editorial for the likes of Vice and Tank magazine and look-books for Lazy Oaf and Baby G, the self-taught photographer maintains an aesthetic that is both well-informed and original. She cites David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles as major influences on her work, saying that they prove the encouraging dictum “OK cool, you can do like ANYTHING.” I couldn’t agree more.  



Daniel Blom

Hailing from northern Sweden, photographer Daniel Blom grew up with a camera in his hand, playing endlessly with his father ́s single-lens reflex camera before saving up money to buy his own at the age of fourteen. His other passion was snowboarding, which five years later would take him on a decade long journey across all of the continents in pursue of snow. As senior photographer for several international magazines and brands, Daniel ́s work has been published in 40-plus magazines and featured in numerous of ad campaigns. With assignments all over the map, he now takes a style forged at high altitudeinto into the realm of lifestyle, sports and landscape photography, yet still keeping one foot in knee deep powder snow.


David Shields

David Shields has been travelling the world for the past 20 years, the last 15 of which have been devoted to the pursuit of the best image. Having worked for many of the top magazines worldwide, including Vogue Homme International (Fr and Jp), French Vogue, Crash (Fr), Dazed and Confused (UK and Australia), Japanese GQ and Commons & Sense (Jp),German GQ and GQ Style, Russian Tatler, Italian Marie Claire, Black Magazine (NZ)  and Oyster, David is one of New Zealand’s most successful fashion photographers.


Gustavo Lacerda

Gustavo Lacerda is a Brazilian photographer series "Albinos" blends biology, aesthetics and folklore in the striking collection of light-saturated photos. Albinism is a hereditary condition resulting in the absence of pigment in hair, skin and eyes, which can lead to serious vision problems -- even blindness. In the United States, passersby might pause to stare, but outside the country the fate of albinos can be even crueler. In Lacerda's home country of Brazil, albino people mostly live on the Ilha dos Lencois, a sparsely populated island that also functions as an ibis sanctuary, according toLonely Planet. At one point, the existence of albinism in northern Brazil was extensively studied, but then died down, until the Daily Mail went crazy over a story about an Afro-Brazilian woman who apparently had three children with albinism.The Guardian recently reported on a story of two parents who debated whether to have a child with albinism, saying, "I was anxious about the impact on us of being parents and the perceptions of other people."

The photographer's series incorporates the gaze those with albinism are wont to experience, but in the series, they look right back at the viewers. Toying with pose, light and saturation, Lacerda creates an ethereal beauty where the light-drenched palette is coupled with a darker reality.


Kane Skennar

Kane Skennar style and lifestyle work reflects his passion for his work, the outdoors and having fun. He is known for his polished contemporary style for publications such as Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Instyle, Monster Children, Black, Rolling Stone, Mens Health, SurfingWorld and many many more. He has worked on catalog and lifestyle campaigns for (among others) Wrangler, Roxy, Toyota, and RipCurl.

David Shama

David Shama is a Swiss photographer based in Paris. From architectural landscapes to rural Wisconsin, greasy diner fries, deserted roads and candid yet curated portraits and editorials, Shama seduces the viewer with the frank simplicity of his visual language and the unpretentious nature of the quotidian. He talks about his wandering mind and the endless search for that magical spark. His adventurous, impulse-driven character shows in a body of work that is clear, easy, spontaneous and effective in its storytelling, translating into the relatable emotional charge of the people. Clients include publications such as Dazed & Confused, Jalouse, Le Monde, Savile Row, Playground, and many more.