Damien Tran

Damien Tran is an illustrator, designer and screen printer currently based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2005, he has been creating limited edition screen printed posters and artworks for the music industry. His previous clients include bands (Melvins, Joan of Arc, Isis and Baroness), labels (Octacle + Humanist Records) and promoters in France, Germany and the UK. He has also featured in several exhibitions as part of the renown art and printmaking collective Mehr Siebdruck, as well as a stand alone artist.


Barbara Wojirsch

Barbara Wojirsch designed album covers for jazz/avant record label ECM through the late 1970's and early 1980's. Her hand drawn, handmade covers stood out at the time from the highly processed, highly stylized covers being published in rock and electronic music at the time, and their individuality stands the test of time.

Edward Colver

And now for some old school fun. California punk/skate photographer Ed Colver...the legend! Ed captured iconic moments in mid 80's and 90's hardcore music scene, immortalizing a time in Southern California's not so distant past. His bio describes: Edward has been doing photography for 33 years,  has never advertised, he does not solicit work and his phone number has always been unpublished.  Colver has not watched TV since 1979.  He lives with his wife Karin Swinney in a 1911 Craftsman House in Los Angeles.