Joost Vandebrug

Joost Vandebrug is a fashion photographer and filmmaker, but his latest project sees him roaming the streets and tunnels of Bucharest. In a world devoid of parental guidance, the stereotypical tropes are there; drug abuse, run-ins with the law, gang-mentality, yet they are eclipsed and often subverted by the familial bond between these so-called ‘Lost Boys’ - Bucharest’s youth left behind after the fallout of Communism. Led by a myserious tattooed character known as 'Bruce Lee', the group make up just four of an estimated thousand homeless children who end up forming tunnel communities together. Some of the photos below are from this project, which you can see more about here.  

Jeremy Liebman

Jeremy Liebman is a French photographer living and working in Brooklyn. His work spans a wide range of visual style, but it comes to rest as a portfolio of striking images, often dealing with clever colour compositions with a slightly lo-fi, and 'honest' feeling, subtly evoking waves of nostalgia. He works as commercial photographer as well as shows as a fine artist.  

Justin Hollar

Justin Hollar makes dreamy portraits of young and elegant gamines. As he puts it he is "A devout Virgo, he claims to have never met a dapple of light that he didn't want to take home to his mother. People that know him say that he has a knack for putting shapes where they feel most comfortable. He reveals while concealing, and conceals while revealing, but never at the same time."


Portfolio Review: Artmix Creative Today @ 4pm

Please join us with Artmix Creative for a Portfolio Show today at 4:00 in the kitchen of East. Artmix represents some great photographers like Cameron Krone, Michael Edwards, Robert Trachtenberg, Anthony Mandler, and whole lot more! There will be books to browse and refreshments to snack on.

Portfolio Review: Walter Schupfer Management Today @ 5pm

Please join us with Walter Schupfer Management for a Portfolio Show today at 5:00 in the kitchen of East.
They represent an amazing roster of photographers including Jessica Craig Martin, Anton Corbijn, Graeme Montgomery, Gilles Bensimon and many more.