Katie Quinn Davies

Katie Quinn Davies originally trained as a graphic designer in her native hometown of Dublin, Ireland, Katie spent over twelve years working as an Art Director and designer for some of the leading design studios in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. In 2009 Katie re-focused her career towards photography and now works as a freelance commercial photographer specialising in food, lifestyle, interior and travel. In the past three years Katie has amassed a respectable client list including Vogue Brides Japan, Food + Wine USA, Conde Nast, Leo Burnett, Women's Health, and many others.  

Billy and Hells

Billy und Hells are two photographers: Anke Linz (Nürnberg, 1965) en Andreas Oettinger (Munich, 1963). They met in 1986, found a shared interest in photography and became partners in life and work. Inspired by the photographs of Irving Penn and Helmut Newton,  Billy und Hells started to work in the field of fashion photography. They , accidentally came across a technique that would define their future works. By forgetting to take a black and white negative out of a Wühltisch developer, they developed a beautiful Baryt picture. This  process is now known as a Lithprint. Later on they discovered that combining  a black and white slidefrom a colour negative with a colour picture, a beautiful photograph emerged with fantastic effects. Because of this technique, the colours are reduced but give a intense effect. This technique reduces the colours but results simultaneously in an intensity, which they were unable to reach with regular photography.

Philip Sinden

“Shooting portraits on large format is a totally different experience for the subject,” says Philip Sinden, who recently broke his monogamy with 5x4 film and began a dalliance with digital. “It is much more considered—nothing too unexpected can take place.” Still, Sinden always appreciates—and hopes to retain—the discipline of the large-format experience, and has a repertoire of immaculate work to account for it. His portraits, landscapes and interiors have appeared in Harper’s BazaarCondé Nast Traveller, British Vogue andWallpaper*, among others, while corporate clients include Sony, France Telecom, Paul Smith and SNCF. Sinden, who travels extensively for work, tries to maintain minimal knowledge of the places he visits, preferring the perspective of unbiased observer. Most recently, professional duties took Sinden to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he’s just completed shooting a series of images; at present he’s working on a number of editorial commissions and commercial projects. Born in north London, Sinden now lives in Hackney, East London.

Christoffer Rudquist

Christoffer Rudquist started his career documenting conflict situations. By and by, he has put to use his naturally keen eye to developing a clean, yet humane style with a strong sense for detail, a winning formula that has secured Christoffer's position as core contributor to leading architecture/interior titles such as Wallpaper and AD France. He also shoots for Wired. 2008, 2009 Grafik magazine relied on him exclusively to set the tone and create new and exciting still lives. Christoffer has been handpicked by visionary art directors at Wieden+Kennedy, Winkreative, and+rehabstudio to work on campaigns in the UK, wider Europe, and in Japan. A strong interest in the moving image, which he sees as the natural progression of stills, has led to video work so far exhibited at the Anti-Design Festival/London, Biennale Design/St Étienne, and IDEO/Shanghai. He is one of the founding Partners and Directors of The Golden Egg.




Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander, who grew up in South Africa and has lived in London since the mid-1980s, is represented by Flowers Gallery in London, Pekin Fine Arts in Beijing, m97 Gallery in Shanghai, and Camera Work in Berlin. He is internationally renowned as a portrait photographer and fine artist, who has shot everything from still life to documentary to celebrity stories. His distinctive style is one of quietude and calm seriousness, often with muted colors and tones.

Ivan Tereschenko

Ivan Tereschenko is a deeply talented Ukranian-English photographer who trained as a painter and remained so until the age of 30, when he discovered photography. His classical sensibility and love for romantic arts and architecture, mixed with a love of surfing and wanderlust lifestyle has earned him a place among the regular contributors for Elle Decor, French and Italian Vogue, World of Interiors, as well as given a platform for three solo shows in his decades-spanning career. His focus lands mainly on the homes of designers and couturiers in Europe, although he well documents his passion for sailing and the sea. His blog stays up to date with his newest work.



Brian Ulrich

Brian Ulrich is a New York born photographer working with ideas of consumer culture and detritus. He largely focuses on the left behind and leftover architecture of a consumer culture moving forward. Thrift shops, abandoned malls, empty storefronts are all photographed and build his narrative about loneliness, commercialism and the roles we play in self-destruction, over-consumption, and as targets of marketing and advertising.   His photographs portraying contemporary consumer culture reside in major museum collections such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Marcel Christ.

Product/still life photographer Marcel Christ has worked with many notable clients like Absolut, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Stella Artois, but it is in his personal work where you see his experiments really come to life. Explosions of color and texture, and highly stylized accidents give movement and energy to his work. He is based in New York and Europe, and is represented by Julian Meijer Agency.