assume vivid astro focus

assume vivid astro focus (all lowercase) is comprised of Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson, Eli Sudbrack was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and, lives and works between São Paulo and New York. Christophe Hamaide-Pierson was born in Paris and lives and works in Paris. Work shown from their show at Suzanne Geiss Company in May 2014; The dichotomy is furthered by the exuberant features applied to the figures. avaf’s imagined trannies have kaleidoscopic skin, titanic breasts, and penises with minds of their own. They become extraordinary, mighty foils to the hyper-sexualized female figures advertised in porn magazines and Marvel comics.

"The images we use signify a fighting power. They’re characters of change, characters that remain powerful even though sometimes things have gone slightly wrong with them physically. Maybe they have too much silicone in their faces ... . Still, to us they are like contemporary goddesses fighting the status quo."



Matthew Hollister

Matthew Hollister is a graphic artist who was raised in rural Pennsylvania, and trained in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2010 he has practiced out of his own office in Seattle Washington, creating work for publications, agencies, firms, and brands around the world. Clients include: The New York Times, The Bloomberg View, Fortune, Money, The New Yorker, AARP, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Brand New School, Ogilvy & Mather, Sony Music, and Nike.





Kurt McRobert

Kurt McRobert was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. He received his B.F.A. in Illustration from School of Visual Arts in 2009. Aside from making pictures, Kurt enjoys dance parties, riding his bike around NYC, making videos and going to brunch. Clients include: The New York Times, INC. Magazine, Time Out New York, The Stranger, Willamette Week, New York Press, Portland Mercury, Village Voice, Plansponsor, Weekly Dig, Heeb Magazine, Heliotropes, Strange Rivals.

Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is an artist living in Hamburg, Germany whose simple line drawings belie a deeper emotion, in the school of David Shrigley. His work is often slogan based and written in his distinctive black and white brushed handwriting. Marx arises from the skateboard scene, but is also influenced by graffiti and the technoculture. He has published books of his work with NievesRollo Press and JRP Ringier, as well as works as the cover art illustrator for Smallville Records.




Ollie Munden

Ollie Munden currently works full-time as a Senior Designer at ILoveDust, also takes on  selected commissions in the fields of  illustrations, murals, tattoos, and product illustration. As MEGAMUNDEN, he takes influence from nature's creatures, tattoo design, psychedelia, 80's skate graphics and an essence of the Far East (to name just a few).. As comfortable painting large scale murals as he is illustrating for advertising, fashion, product, publishing or drawing tattoos for private clients it has been hard to escape his artwork over recent years. British Airways, Havaianas, Nike, Toshiba, Vodafone, Penguin & Levi's among many more are past clients.


Toby Neilan

Toby Neilan creates his work through a process of photography and digital manipulation, introducing hand drawn elements, geometric forms and a strong sense of colour, combined with expressive mark making. Recent developments have seen him drawing with a dot to produce pared down visuals with a more free painterly result.



Körner Union

Körner Union is a Swiss design collective of Sami Benhadj, Tarik Hayward and Guy Meldem. They produce lighthearted graphics and type for commercial and fine art. They operate with open minds, claiming "It runs without scruples and without hierarchy advertisements, exhibitions of contemporary art, furniture and cartoons."

Simon Wald-Lasowski

Simon Wald-Lasowski was born in Paris in 1980 is a freelance photographer and art director who has worked with clients like K-Swiss, Time Out, Foam Magazine, Blend, Paradiso, and many more. He lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2004. (Occasionally he also works as a Wedding MC.)



Viktor Hachmang

Viktor Hachmang is a designer and illustrator based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Though visually influenced by ’60s psychedelic posters and ’80s postmodern design, he takes his inspiration from a wide variety of sources and his work often alludes to famous artists and artworks. Central to his work is the illustrative imagery which focuses strongly on decorative details. The concept of collage is also apparent, as his portfolio is a deliberate hodgepodge of various eras in art history and different ways of image making. Hachmang combinines the banal and the beautiful in one image, often mixing intellectual and naive imagery of strict geometry with hand drawn forms. He also co-edits the blog theeyestheysee, an ongoing collection of artists, artworks and other sources of inspiration.

Francois Berthoud

Born in 1961, Francois Berthoud is a Swiss illustrator whose forms rise from texture and abstraction, and are often made by the reductive monotype process, and his work rides a line between pure illustration and fine art. He has worked for many years on staff for Conde Nast as well as on assignment for Vogue Italia, L’Uoo Vogue ,Vanity Fair, The NewYorker, Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine. He has also exhibited work in group and solo shows in Europe and the US.

Julien Pachaud

Julien Pachaud is a French illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns : an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher (!). His lighthearted collage based illustrations have a fanciful, retro look with a skew toward the fantastical and have earned a place in both  both editorial and advertising platforms. He is represented in the US by Colagene.


Nate Williams

Nate Williams is an illustrator with a love for hand lettering, whose work carries a truly vintage and whimsical feel. He is inspired by nature’s inventions, foreign cultures  and the questions children ask. He thinks the keys to creativity are curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery. He has worked with notable clients like Urban Outfitters, United Airlines, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Nick Jr. His work has been featured as OOH as well as inserted in print and broadcast.