Jimi Crayon

Jimi Crayon is a muralist and illustrator born in London and now working in Los Angeles. His frequent collaborators include Adidas, Apple, Sony, MTV and New Balance, among many others. His most recent large scale project included taking over half the digital billboards at Times Square for the launch of Windows 8, as well as his album artwork for London band Graffiti6 featured at the launch of the iPhone 5. His work is charming and funny, and an irrepressibly positive outlook brings an enthusiastic and vibrant edge to his imagery.

Stefan Marx

Stefan Marx is an artist living in Hamburg, Germany whose simple line drawings belie a deeper emotion, in the school of David Shrigley. His work is often slogan based and written in his distinctive black and white brushed handwriting. Marx arises from the skateboard scene, but is also influenced by graffiti and the technoculture. He has published books of his work with NievesRollo Press and JRP Ringier, as well as works as the cover art illustrator for Smallville Records.