Luke Stephenson

For Luke Stephenson, life in Britain and the British psyche are at the core of Lukes work. He photographs what to many epitomises the eccentricity of Britain. Often humorous in their outlook, his series range from prize budgerigars to the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Whether animate or inanimate objects, Stephenson creates affectionate portraits of his subjects and documents worlds often hidden from the mainstream. He graduated in 2005 and has worked as a freelance photographer since. The same year he was awarded the Jerwood Photography Prize and in 2006 was selected as one of ten photographers to showcase their work at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyeres, France. His work has been published in a variety of publications including The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, Foam, Art Review and Wallpaper*.


Jimi Crayon

Jimi Crayon is a muralist and illustrator born in London and now working in Los Angeles. His frequent collaborators include Adidas, Apple, Sony, MTV and New Balance, among many others. His most recent large scale project included taking over half the digital billboards at Times Square for the launch of Windows 8, as well as his album artwork for London band Graffiti6 featured at the launch of the iPhone 5. His work is charming and funny, and an irrepressibly positive outlook brings an enthusiastic and vibrant edge to his imagery.

Nate Williams

Nate Williams is an illustrator with a love for hand lettering, whose work carries a truly vintage and whimsical feel. He is inspired by nature’s inventions, foreign cultures  and the questions children ask. He thinks the keys to creativity are curiosity, inspiration, play and discovery. He has worked with notable clients like Urban Outfitters, United Airlines, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Nick Jr. His work has been featured as OOH as well as inserted in print and broadcast.

Marcel Christ.

Product/still life photographer Marcel Christ has worked with many notable clients like Absolut, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Stella Artois, but it is in his personal work where you see his experiments really come to life. Explosions of color and texture, and highly stylized accidents give movement and energy to his work. He is based in New York and Europe, and is represented by Julian Meijer Agency.

Vincent Fournier

Vincent Fournier, b. 1970, France, is an image-maker who combines documentary and staged photography. He studied photography at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. His ongoing series entitled Space Project reflects his fascination for the space age. His inspiration stems from various things in his youth and by watching movies as 2001: A Space Odessey and Solaris. His large scale images contain an aspect of humor, mainly due to carefully placing his subjects and objects. For this project, as well as his other personal works, he has traveled around the globe. Tour Operator is a body of work inspired by the book Around the world in 80 days by Jules Vernes. He has documented the transformation of landscapes and the interaction between mankind and the environment. In an intelligent and witty manner he directs our eyes to the bizarre and the usual. In his project The Man Machine he carefully staged robots in urban settings and the spaces where they are being developed. Both his projectsTour Operator and Space Project have been released as books. The following images come from the series Space ProjectTour Operator and The Man Machine.

Gary Taxali

Canadian illustrator Gary Taxali visually blends now with then. His style, inspired by vintage comics and advertising art, is repurposed with the goal of communicating the ironies and comical essence of popular culture. His work is at once alluring and endearing. Despite the vintage look, he is neither maudlin nor nostalgic. His imagery is rich in satiric verve.