Maxwell Snow

Maxwell Snow is known primarily as a photographer—for his almost painting-like approach to portraiture—but in recent years the work has multiplied outward from sculptures involving human bones and marble, to large-scale collages, to fashion design (he's working on his eponymous line's third season right now). The man has very little sentimentality when it comes to adhering to one medium



Kaya Behkalam

Kaya Bekalam is a German born photographer raised in Bombay. His project entitled "I Once Fell In Love With Myself Being Somewhere Else" is shown below. A suitcase full of old precious photographs from a Syrian studio photographer fell into his hands during a research trip to Damascus. It contained images of people who never came to pick up the pictures they had ordered, staging themselves in front of idyllic and exotic landscapes. According to the photographer most of these customers were refugees from Iraq, but also army men coming to the country’s capital on vacation. Confronted with the question how to deal with the material and the representation of those depicted, he started a photographic meditation on the idea of disappearance.




Simon Wald-Lasowski

Simon Wald-Lasowski was born in Paris in 1980 is a freelance photographer and art director who has worked with clients like K-Swiss, Time Out, Foam Magazine, Blend, Paradiso, and many more. He lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2004. (Occasionally he also works as a Wedding MC.)



Julien Pachaud

Julien Pachaud is a French illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns : an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher (!). His lighthearted collage based illustrations have a fanciful, retro look with a skew toward the fantastical and have earned a place in both  both editorial and advertising platforms. He is represented in the US by Colagene.