Opening @ Union: Tom Sachs x NIKEcraft

Friday, May 18th Union will host a launch party for Tom Sachs collaboration with NIKEcraft, a clothing collection designed in tandem with his project acting out the current space mission. Sachs and Nike working together is a notable collaboration, as Sachs is well known for lampooning branding and corporations in his artwork. As Fast Company writes: Sachs seems sincerely psyched about working with a company with such a rigorous testing and research team. Each piece in the NIKEcraft collection speaks to the perils of surviving a DIY space mission (if not actually preparing you for one). Some of the pieces are made from actual space-suit material, while others are constructed from car air bags and yacht mainsails. According to Nike, the jacket’s paracord could double as a tourniquet. The periodic table of elements is screenprinted on the inside of its pockets.

You can watch the "mission" as it progresses on Sachs's tumblr, here.

Tom Sachs new exhibit SPACE PROGRAM: Mars opens at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC on May 16th.

Launch party May 18th

Union/ 110 S. LaBrea LA CA/ 7-10pm