Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon makes stylized, posed portraits of families and children that feel like a singular, strange moment captured in freeze frame.  Born, raised, and still living in and deeply influenced by Missouri, Blackmon's photographs are inspired by her experience of growing up in a large family, her current role as both mother and photographer, and the timelessness of family dynamics. As the oldest of nine children and mother to three, Blackmon uses her own family members and household to "move beyond the documentary to explore the fantastic elements of our everyday lives." Blackmon switched to color film and began using digital technologies to intensify the hue of her photographs, as well as collage elements from multiple shots into one image. The resulting photographs of family life appear at once disorderly and playful, and at times impossible. Blackmon says that the images in her series Domestic Vacations recall the tableaux of 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters. Tailored environments and carefully placed props are often a feature of her work.