Jordi Ruiz Cirera

Jordi Ruiz Cirera was born and raised in Barcelona and got a degree in Design at Elisava College in 2007, after spending a period living in Dublin while studying at the National College of Arts and Design.He then worked for a while in different studios as a graphic designer, until 2010 when he left it all and devoted himself to photography. This series focuses on a Bolivian Mennonite community. They arrived in Bolivia during the fifties, coming from Canada, Mexico or Belize, where their lifestyle was being threatened. In Canada the young people wasn't taking the right path, and then the government banned their education system. That was enough for leaving the country, and so a group of them went to Bolivia invited by the government with the promise of land and religious freedom. Nowadays in Bolivia, there are more than fifty thousand Mennonites, or Menonos, as they are called here, although the exact number is difficult to know as many of them are living unregistered or with foreign passports. They still live as their ancestors did on the S.XVI Germany, without cars, electricity, telephone, and extremely isolated from the local community.