Christoffer Rudquist

Christoffer Rudquist started his career documenting conflict situations. By and by, he has put to use his naturally keen eye to developing a clean, yet humane style with a strong sense for detail, a winning formula that has secured Christoffer's position as core contributor to leading architecture/interior titles such as Wallpaper and AD France. He also shoots for Wired. 2008, 2009 Grafik magazine relied on him exclusively to set the tone and create new and exciting still lives. Christoffer has been handpicked by visionary art directors at Wieden+Kennedy, Winkreative, and+rehabstudio to work on campaigns in the UK, wider Europe, and in Japan. A strong interest in the moving image, which he sees as the natural progression of stills, has led to video work so far exhibited at the Anti-Design Festival/London, Biennale Design/St Étienne, and IDEO/Shanghai. He is one of the founding Partners and Directors of The Golden Egg.