Cheng Joo

Born Singapore In 1973, Simon Cheng Joo spent his formative years in Lasalle College of the Fine Arts, majoring in Fine Arts. In the final year,  Simon was awarded & dispatched to Paris for a 3 month exchange programme where he explored & found inspiration through other cultures.  In 2001, he founded Flux Fotography where he tapped onto commercial photography & worked with major advertising & design agencies. Simon Cheng Joo is also represented in New York by Michael Ash Partners for the strong representation of his polaroid works. His works are published & exhibited in local & international magazines & art shows. Simon works spontaneously with polaroids through medium format cameras. He believes it is not about technical precision, but capturing a certain mood, spirit within daily spaces & the mundane of everyday objects. Shooting in this intangible style is challenging, but all the more rewarding. Polaroids portray a soft, surreal & subtle feel, but also melancholic. It blurs the lines between fiction & reality where nothing comes close to it.

Simon Cheng Joo is an artist through & through, composing & orchestrating his images, to evoke thoughts & emotions to his audiences.