Alexis DiBiasio

Alexis DiBiasio was an accountant by profession and a “nightclub enthusiast whose hobby was documenting New York City’s outlandish club culture.” Going by the flyers and invites collected in the ephemera, he photographed in The Tunnel, BLDG, The Pyramid Club, Limelight, Roxy, Save The Robots, Disco 2000, The Cat Club, Danceteria and Red Zone, to name a few.  That covered a nocturnal swath of New York City from Avenue A to Eleventh, East 2nd street to West 54th. “Alexis lived in New York City from the late 1970s through the mid-1990s, when he relocated to Miami Beach.  The move to Florida revealed Alexis’ obsessive compilation of photographs because he left me [Glam] with four meticulously organized and labeled boxes with hundreds of pictures.  Those boxes were the source for some of the photographs in this publication.”

A club kid, as described in the book’s forward penned by Ernie Glam, a contemporary of the scene, “donned thrift-store ensembles that were slashed and redesigned, or they maybe made their own outfits to provoke outrage or hog attention.  They took inspiration from clowns, drag, bondage, sci-fi, horror, punk, Parisian couture and children’s wear.  They had shoe repair shops add layers of soles to shoes and boots until they looked like stilts.  Eventually the look became a stereotype: a skinny young man or woman with clown makeup, a wig or hat, platforms, a lunch box, and a body hugging unitard or hot pants and a stretch t-shirt.” These images are from the nightlife documentary book Fabulousity: A Night You'll Never Forget....Or Remember.