Campbell Addy

Campbell Addy is a London based photographer & filmmaker with a focus in creating narrative and emotional work. He takes a unique casting approach by working with diverse and under-represented faces.

Stig De Block

Stig is a graphic designer turned documentary and fashion photographer. Heavily inspired by 80’s & 90’s American scenery, he’s interested in capturing American youth culture through a contemporary lens.

Casey Dobbins

Casey Dobbins is a food stylist, recipe developer, prop stylist and art director.

Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes is a makeup artist known for dewey skin. She works closely with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ashley Graham and Glossier.

Mason Poole

Mason Poole is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He’s widely known for his portraits of Beyonce and Jay-Z.


Synchrodogs are a photography duo who create raw, dreamlike and psychedelic images.

Eric Chakeen

Eric Chakeen is a photographer based in New York. His body of work is a perfect mix of personal and commission work that aims to capture visceral moments.

Shibon Kennedy

Shibon Kennedy is a Fashion Editor and Stylist based in New York and working between both coasts. 


David Cook, aka Bonethrower, is an LA based illustrator with insanely detailed line work, and a thing for "cheeky hedonism."

John Von Pamer

John Von Pamer is an editorial and advertising photographer split between Los Angeles and New York.